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For Backcountry Professionals

01. Thermoplastic Elastomer Unibody +

For incredible strength, durability and
smooth weight distribution.
Fewer parts to break. Fully recyclable.

02. All Direction Hinge™ +

A brand new, patented, ergonomic innovation.
Our compliant mechanism gives drastically
improved traction and support in all directions.
Unparallelled when moving downhill and traversing steep sides.

03. Feather Lightweight +

Less weight means increased energy efficiency,
resulting in further reach and faster movement.

04. B4 Binding™ +

Perfect fit made slim.
Easy to handle, long to last.
Bites hard with stainless steel Fenris Crampons™.

05. Asymmetric Design +

Your feet are asymmetrical, so should your snowshoes be.
Enables natural stance and unconstrained movements.


The Fimbulvetr Story

Fimbulvetr (Old Norse: «The Great Winter») is committed to professionals and hardcore winter enthusiasts. After researching 6000 years of snowshoe evolution, we set out to create a stronger, lighter, more durable and ergonomic snowshoe from scratch. Previous snowshoes typically have many breakable parts, feel detached and limit movements. Through redesign, prototyping and testing we developed a high-end tool for superior, personal, winter mobility. The result is a whole new snowshoe experience, best described as a natural extension of the foot. Try it, and never go back.



Your future snowshoes merge agelong Norwegian winter heritage with well proven high-tech. Fimbulvetr is made from Dupont™ Hytrel®, a thermoplastic elastomer commonly applied in car engines and shock absorbers. We couldn't find a stronger, more durable material on the planet, with better thermoplastic properties. Of course it´s fully recyclable. Through 3D-modelling we explore double curved surfaces, which provide structural stiffness with minimal material usage.


Each snowshoe is accurately molded into an asymmetric, lightweight unibody. Flexibility is governed by basic geometric principles - thickness and shape. The honeycomb pattern grants maximum torsional strength and floatation. In our ergonomical, patented all direction hinge, we use a waveformed compliant mechanism to achieve smooth, multi-directional weight and force distribution. Ready for millions of cycles and hard impact over a wide temperature range. It all means that you can move like never before on snow.

Technically Speaking

Move like never before in all snow conditions. 

Fimbulvetr are great snowshoes for hiking, activities and work in the backcountry. You'll get a pair of all-terrain snowshoes with very low weight per bearing area. 



DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET


Stainless Steel


12 - incl. binding and bolts


Limited Lifetime Warranty


71,1 cm
WIDTH 27,8 cm
AREA 1976,6 cm²


0,56 g/cm²
TOTAL WEIGHT 2216 g/one pair
LOAD -140kg
COLORS Just Black
Snow White
Rescue Red


You can order your Fimbulvetr snowshoes here! When you're ready to take the next step, please click on the Buy Now-button to view price and colors. We ship and support globally. From Norway to America shipping takes about a week, a wait worthwhile. If you have feedback or need help to place your order, we appreciate to hear from you. Stay in touch, and show us where you go with Fimbulvetr! Thanks.