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Why Fimbulvetr?

Fimbulvetr is a Norwegian high-quality snowshoe brand, committed to superior winter mobility. We make a new kind of snowshoes, that feel more like a natural extension of the foot. Our products are awarded for their innovative and eco-friendly design.

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All terrain. All conditions.

All Fimbulvetr snowshoes are built on the same, proven concept: an incredibly strong unibody mold, made from DupontTM Hytrel®, with the defining All Direction Hinge™, the Hugin Binding™ on top, Fenris Crampons™ underneath. Everything for you to move around freely, through shifting winter landscapes.

Made for a lifetime

The extra strong materials of choice, minimum number of components and zero permanent mechanical fixtures together add up to make the most durable and robust snowshoes ever made. Easy repairability, 100% recyclability, a lifetime guarantee and return system set us apart from everything else out there. We care about your safety and about protecting the environment.


Natural movement

Thanks to the rocker profile and the All Direction Hinge™


Lightweight Performance

For higher energy efficiency, resulting in further reach and faster movement

Cold Robustness

Extreme Cold Robustness

With a brittleness temperature of -90 °C / -130 °F. Tested and approved.


Maximum floatation

More surfaces and less weight, equals a remarkably better float


Incredible Traction

The flex and the crampon positioning make all the difference


Designed for Sustainabbility

A lifetime guarantee, 100% recyclability and easy to maintain

Here's a film from our commercial launch in 2013. The snowshoe in the film is actually a prototype:

Ispo Brandnew 14 15Ispo Brandnew 14 15
Reddot 2014Reddot 2014
Design ExcellenceDesign Excellence
Gear Patrol 2016Gear Patrol 2016
Ispo Gold 17 18Ispo Gold 17 18
Ispo Eco17 18Ispo Eco17 18