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Our mission: Enable superior winter mobility.

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Born from the real-world demands and requirements of professional users across the globe, Fimbulvetr products utilize the latest materials and are meticulously designed and refined for form, fit and function. When the time arises, you can focus on your mission with the confidence that your gear will hold up to the most extreme environments, giving you the tactical advantage you demand.

Developed in collaboration with:

FFI - The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment

Tested in collaboration with The Norwegian School of Winter warfare


All Direction Hinge™

Drastically improved traction and support in all directions. Patent: US 9 107 469.


Made For a Lifetime

No permanent mechanical fixtures. Developed for worst case scenarios and field repairs.

Cold Robustness

Cold Weather Opeations

Stress tested in -40°C/°F with more than 1 000 000 cycles.


Adaptive Binding

7 seconds to securly fasten any winter boot from size 5 -14

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Technical Specifications

We strive to make our products safer, stronger, lighter and faster than any other products in order to maximize the operational performance of our users. Therefore all Fimbulvetr snowshoes are built on the same basic concept:

An incredibly strong unibody mold, made from Dupont™ Hytrel®, with the defining All Direction Hinge™, the Hugin Binding™ on top, Fenris Crampons™ underneath.

The extra strong materials of choice, minimum number of components and zero permanent mechanical fixtures together add up to make the most durable and robust snowshoes ever made.

Easy repairability, 100% recyclability

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For pro inquiries, please contact: martin(a) / +47 400 81 299

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