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Hiking with Burton

Fimbulvetr and Burton have found common ground in the original surfer theme - to go out searching.

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Professional snowboarder and Burton team rider Mikkel Bang, has been involved in the product development of our snowshoes for years. We are stoked to announce that this season we are launching the first limited edition HIKR X, together with Burton, exclusively available at burton.com.

So what's the deal with snowboarding and snowshoes?

Most of the world's backcountry is unridden. That's why many snowboarders get into snowshoes.

The pristine winter landscapes, the snow quality and the hike itself are so worth it. If you already have your snowboard gear, getting a pair of good snowshoes is a relatively small additional investment, that will last practically forever. In return you will find some of your best earned turns in life.

Here in Norway we normally take the lifts to the top at a ski resort, and then carry on by foot. Or we start off by the foot of a mountain. It can be a 20 minute hike uphill or getting up before daylight and hike all day, just for one, epic ride. Later in the season as the days get longer, building jumps in the backcountry is also a hit.

Using your own feet to get around will surely get you in great shape, and it is also a very sustainable way of enjoying the outdoors.

Like everything in life, take it easy and make sure to acquire the necesseary skills to wander around freely in the backcountry. The most important thing is always to return home safely.

On backyard snowshoeing

The cool thing about the mountains is that you can go everywhere you want.

Mikkel Bang Pro snowboarder
2017 11 02 1649 Snowshoes Photo By Stefan Dall

Choose your snowshoes

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All Fimbulvetr snowshoes basically provide outstanding floatation, traction and maneuverability. So which ones suit your needs the most?