Hugin 2019 Upgrade

Hugin the Binding - upgrade 2019

Make your old Fimbulvetr snowshoes new, by upgrading with the Hugin W19 binding

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Here is how you get successfully in and out of the binding:

1. Place your boot in the binding, with a finger's margin between the tip of you boot and the edge of the binding.
2. Pull and tighten the laces. Make sure to lock the laces firmly in the cleats.
3. Tighten the heel strap.

4. To losen, just pull the laces up and the heel strap down.

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Hiking with Burton

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Fimbulvetr and Burton have found common ground in the original surfer theme - to go out searching.

2017 11 02 1649 Snowshoes Photo By Stefan Dall

Choose your snowshoes

All Fimbulvetr snowshoes basically provide outstanding floatation, traction and maneuverability. So which ones suit your needs the most?